Anxiety: keeping me safe by holding me back

I’m still in the process of reducing my anxiety meds (Effexor) so that I can have another go at ADHD meds, hopefully without the surprise seratonin syndrome this time. My first reduction (a month on 187.5mg) went really well – after the first week, I felt basically normal.

I’ve been on my second reduction (to 150mg) for a little over two weeks and it’s definitely not going as smoothly. I’m struggling more to find energy, to find motivation. Some days I feel almost normal, and then the next day I’ll struggle to get anything done at all. And although I’m nothing like the nervous wreck I was at the point that I sought medical help, the old voice of anxiety is definitely getting more audible again.

So let’s talk a bit about anxiety: my old friend, my protector, my nemesis.

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