The Miller’s Daughter out now in Epic Fantasy

For anyone who’s been waiting for a version of The Miller’s Daughter you can hold in your hands, not in your ears – it’s here!

Epic Fantasy, the latest anthology from Flame Tree Publishing, has now landed in all its epically embossed glory. At 480 pages, it’s a decently mammoth collection of short fiction from both classic fantasy authors and new faces like ahem yours truly.

Flame Tree have also published two collations of interviews with their authors, including me – in part 1 we talk about the inspiration behind our stories (my answer might look familiar if you read my interview with Remastered Words last year) and in part 2 we talk about our genre favourites and our writing processes.

As for me, on Wednesday I landed in New Zealand, there to dwell for the next 5-6 months while working a short-term conservation role that will see me spending every other week out of civilisation. Which means on the one hand, limited internet access, but on the other hand, potentially a lot of writing time.

It also means a total shake up of my routine. That can be a problem, as I’ve written about before (and surprise surprise, it turns out that’s an ADHD thing too) – but I’m trying to treat it as an opportunity to turn writing into a daily habit.

Like all writing tips, writing every day is no golden key – some writers don’t need it and some will find it unhelpful to aspire to. But for me, I think working writing into my new daily routine is the only way to get any kind of reliable output going so that I can stop treating writing as “that miraculous thing I only do when I’m exactly the right place, time, and mindset”.

Watch this space…

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