‘Nie Among the Tree-people’ out now in Aurealis #124

Folks, my short story ‘Nie Among the Tree-people’ is out now in the September issue of Aurealis, complete with a delightful fire god illustration by animator Leah Clementson. As I’ve said before, I have a massive soft spot for this weird, queer tale of gods and hermits, which is also the first story I’ve written with a non-binary protagonist. I’m deeply happy to have it out in the world at last.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but I’m still here and today, for the first time in too many months, I actually sat down at my computer and wrote fiction. I still have a long road ahead, but it’s a start.

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2 Replies to “‘Nie Among the Tree-people’ out now in Aurealis #124”

  1. Aurealis has published it as “Nie Among the Tree People” (without a hyphen). Do they pay you more for spelling it that way (two words in place of one)?

    1. I am deeply embarrassed to admit I hadn’t notice that until you pointed it out! I’m not sure why that happened, since they’ve faithfully kept it as “tree-people” throughout the text of the story.

      To be clear, this one’s entirely on me – looking back, the title had already been de-hyphenated when I was sent the suggested edits, and although I discussed some of the suggestions at length with the lovely editor for that issue, I clearly missed the first and most obvious change – the title itself.

      I suppose technically that does mean Aurealis paid me a whole extra 2 cents for my story, assuming they count hyphenated words as one when calculating word count. But I would rather have kept the title as it was, for consistency’s sake!

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