New publication news, and a new short story available in My Fiction

I’m still alive, I promise!

It’s been a bugger of a fortnight – two weeks ago I stepped down my Effexor dose another level (more on that in the next post), and just as I was regaining my equilibrium from that I got a thankfully mild case of flu.

But! I’m now on my way back up from the latter, and I have more exciting things to talk about today. I have WRITING NEWS. Two pieces of writing news, in fact!

Aurealis publication: ‘Nie Among the Tree-people’

First, I’m thrilled to announce that my story ‘Nie Among the Tree-people’ will be published in an upcoming edition of the Australian speculative fiction magazine Aurealis. I’ll keep you posted when I know which edition, but I’m told it could appear as soon as September.

I have a huge soft spot for this weird, queer story, which was inspired in no small part by the tale of Nigel the Lonely Gannet as recounted on this very blog, so it makes me feel exceedingly warm and fuzzy to have found it a home at last.

Available to read now: ‘The Woman on the Table’

Second, I have a new story up for you to read right now! ‘The Woman on the Table’ was published in June in the latest Continuum conbook, which means I can now release it online with impunity.

This story began life as an entry for the annual NYC Midnight Short Story Competition, which challenges entrants to write a story in a week, then in three days, and finally in 24 hours. Each round also requires entrants to write to a specific genre and include a specific character and story element.

It’s a hugely challenging competition, but one that I really relish. I’ve always found it easier, not harder, to write to specific constraints and a tight deadline (it’s almost like being challenged focuses my attention… oh wait). Up until my first NYC Midnight, I would have said there’s no way I could pump out a decent story in a week, let alone in less, so it’s with heart-deep satisfaction that I keep on proving myself wrong.

For context, the requirements that led to ‘The Woman on the Table’ were science-fiction, a plastic surgeon, and a comatose person. That’s where it started – I hope you enjoy where it ended up.

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