‘Two Monsters Down in the Dark’ now out in Luna Station Quarterly issue 37

I am thrilled to bits to announce the release of Luna Station Quarterly issue 37, with my story ‘Two Monsters Down in the Dark’ in pole position as the very first fiction of the issue!

‘Two Monsters’ started out as a technical challenge, but turned into a passion project. I fell in love with the character of Ellie, even as I struggled over many months to get her voice and her story right. It makes me so deeply happy to finally see her and Benji find a home.

You can read ‘Two Monsters’ for free online for the next week only (as well as eleven other SF stories from women and other authors on the femalish end of the spectrum; I’ve already fallen in love with K. Noel Moore’s ‘A Song for Hardy Connelly’ and can’t wait to read the rest). After that you’ll have to pay for a digital or print edition if you want to read it, so don’t dally!

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2 Replies to “‘Two Monsters Down in the Dark’ now out in Luna Station Quarterly issue 37”

  1. It looks like we don’t have to pay anything to Luna Station Quarterly to read your story via the link that you’ve provided.

    1. So I see! I’m a bit confused, actually, since the entire issue seems to have remained online and free to read. But I’m glad people still get the chance to check out everyone’s stories.

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