My Writing

Emma Mann (E. H. Mann) writes fantasy and science-fiction, with a preference for short fiction and a dedication to queer and other minority representation.

‘Arguing with People on the Internet’, in Mother of Invention, Twelfth Planet Press, due out June 2018

‘The Miller’s Daughter’ (winner, Continuum 13/Natcon 56 Amateur SF Competition), first published in Continuum conbook, 2017


Is this really all you’ve written?

Of course not. Although I only got serious about fiction writing in 2017, since then I have been churning out stories on a semi-regular basis. I would love to share more of those here. However, most of the publications I submit stories to require first publication rights – that means if I put the story up on my own humble website, it cuts down drastically the number of professional markets I can submit it to.

So as much as I want to, I won’t be publishing any stories here unless I have absolutely exhausted the possibilities for professional publication – and given how many publications there are and how long the submission process can take, exhausting the possibilities takes a while. Rest assured, any new writing that does appear here will be announced on my blog to make it easy to find. Stay tuned…