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About Me

Emma Mann (E. H. Mann) is an emerging author based in Melbourne, Australia. She writes fantasy and science-fiction, with a preference for short fiction and a dedication to queer and other minority representation. Her first professionally-published fiction will be released in May 2018: a short story called ‘Arguing With People on the Internet’, in the anthology Mother of Invention, from Twelfth Planet Press.

In her day job, she’s a park ranger – a role which involves a lot more sweat and a lot less cuddling wildlife than most people seem to think. Being a relentless neophile, she has managed to collect a terrifying number of interests, hobbies, and volunteer roles, although she can only pursue a few of them at a time; the current list includes knitting, watching birds (which is like birdwatching but with less pressure), drumming, costume-making, playing board games, and reading other people’s writing and having opinions about it (slush reader for Aurealis magazine).

She is asexual, which seems perfectly normal to her, but she’s noticed other people sometimes find strange. Occasionally she talks about asexuality in public, such as at Continuum Speculative Fiction Convention and Queermance.

She also has a number of brain weasels that contrive to make her life more complicated. The exact species are yet to be confirmed, but they are believed to be subspecies of anxiety and depression. She is currently working towards a more specific identification and control strategy for these mental pests, having finally overcoming the initial hurdle of admitting they exist.

Unlike every other writer in existence, she does not own a cat. But it’s only a matter of time.