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Emma Mann (E. H. Mann) is an emerging author based in Melbourne, Australia (she/they pronouns to taste). They write fantasy and science-fiction, with a preference for short fiction and a dedication to queer and other minority representation. Their stories have appeared in Mother of Invention, Fabled Journey III, and Luna Station Quarterly.

In her day job, she’s a mild-mannered customer servant agent – a role whose main advantage is leaving more time for writing, blogging, organising speculative fiction conventions, knitting, costume-making, and reading other people’s writing and having opinions about it (slush reader for Aurealis magazine).

They are asexual, which seems perfectly normal to them, but they’ve noticed other people sometimes find it confusing, so they like take opportunities to talk about it in public, such as at Continuum Speculative Fiction Convention and Queermance. Their gender identity is a work in progress.

Her particular species of brain weasels are better known as generalised anxiety disorder and social anxiety with a smattering of depression to keep things interesting. Pest control strategies are another work in progress, but significant advances have been made since she finally accepted that the buggers actually exist.

Unlike every other writer in existence, they do not own a cat. But it’s only a matter of time.

You can also find E. H. Mann on Facebook and Twitter.