Update: Mother of Invention

I’ve now seen the proofs of my story Arguing with People on the Internet as it will appear in the upcoming Mother of Invention anthology – so exciting! It’s looking great, and I’m just stoked.

For people who didn’t back Mother of Invention on Kickstarter, the book will be available to the public in September. In the meantime, though, Twelfth Planet Press will be holding not one but two book launches. If any of you happen to be in Wisconsin at the end of May, their first launch will be at Wiscon (or, as the editors put it, FREAKING WISCON – I think they’re a bit excited about that ?).

The second book launch, which is the one I’ll be at (on account of it not being a great time to just hop a plane to Wisconsin), will be in Melbourne in June at Continuum, a convention that’s deeply close to my heart. It means a whole lot to me that Continuum will be the first place I get to hold my first really truly book-published work in my hands.

Hope to see some of you there!

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